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Diabetes Research Opportunities

by Kenzie on August 26, 2012

Are you interested in what’s going on in the diabetes research world? Do you want to be involved in clinical trials to support diabetes care advancement and understanding? If so, CLICK HERE to view the latest studies in the Bay Area, and get involved! This link is also available in Dance Out Diabetes’ FREE WELLNESS PORTAL.


To kick off the annual Dance Out Diabetes dance-a-thon, all participants and volunteers are invited to join in a design contest sponsored by Santarus, Inc.

The winning design will be placed on a fitness bag to be given out during the 11/10/12 dance-a-thon held from 1-5 pm at the African American Art & Culture Complex 762 Fulton St, SF 94102.

The winner will receive $100, (10) fitness bags to give out to family and friends, and acknowledgment on all media used in conjunction with the design. We opted for a fitness bag as it will have so many more uses than a t-shirt.

Deadline: Designs must be received by 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Oct. 10, 2012.

For more information on how to enter, download the Dance Out Diabetes Expressive Diabetes Art Contest PDF instructions.


Katie Savin, MSW and Kathy Solis, RD, CDE at the Dance Out Distress screening table

Part of our mission is to provide ongoing support. Katie Savin, Medical Social Worker and Dance Out Diabetes volunteer did just that by providing an opportunity for participants to Dance Out Distress!

Nearly half of the Hot Hula attendees participated in a diabetes-related distress screening. Of those, half of the people screened scored higher than average in the severity of their diabetes-related distress. All participants received a pamphlet on ways to reduce and prevent this distress. People who scored higher also received referrals to local diabetes support groups and one received a referral to individual counseling with a follow-up plan in place.

Miss the dance and want to check your level of diabetes distress? Find out by answering the first two questions in this questionnaire. The professional scoring sheet is included for your reference and we invite you to attend the August 11, 2012 dance to discuss any questions you have. Please note the screening tool is in English and Spanish.
[Source: Polonski, W.H., Fisher, L., Earles, J., Dudley, R.J., Lees, J., Mullan, J.T. & Jackson, R.A. (2005). Assessing psychological stress in diabetes. Diabetes Care. 28, 626 – 631.]


As a diabetes educator, it is rare to find an easy way to help those living with diabetes get ongoing support. I want to share with you care4life, a new program designed to provide daily tips and messages of support, using a tool that most people have at their fingertips – their mobile phone. I co-developed the content with Voxiva so that the regular text messages reinforce motivation and are useful tips to consider. It is a program I fully endorse and am excited to share that you now have an opportunity to try this program.

What is care4life?
· A 6-month program that provides personalized, ongoing support to people with type 2 diabetes through text messages and a secure personal web portal
· Education, motivation, tips and reminders for medication, glucose testing, and appointments sent to your mobile phone
· Interactive features that allow you to record your results and progress through text messages
· Reinforcement of the cornerstones of diabetes care: self-monitoring, healthy diet, physical activity, medication and care plan adherence, reducing risks, and healthy coping

Sign up for a demo by texting the word “JOIN” to 300400 from your mobile phone* or online at When asked for an activation code, enter “CARE” to activate your demo.

*Message Pricing: Message and data rates may apply.
Terms and Conditions: click here to see program Terms and Conditions
You can cancel at any time by texting STOP to 300400.
For HELP text HELP to 300400.
For support e-mail: