Farewell to DOD and Check Out Diabetes Catalysts

by Kenzie on October 5, 2015

A Farewell Note from Theresa

In 2005, I had a thought about what was missing from the field of diabetes: prevention and management, and being active in a way that involves and includes everyone. It was called Dance Out Diabetes!

We started something innovative. We brought the diabetes clinic to the dance floor. We helped to prevent and manage diabetes. We made many friends. For this we are be proud.

We will be publishing our outcomes from last year in the near future to contribute to the body of diabetes literature showing the science behind what we have accomplished.

I am in gratitude to the entire DOD family for this experience, from those who were there 10 years ago, to all those early board meetings, to our launch, to the donors and sponsors, to all our dedicated volunteers, to the participants and your circle of support, to Kenzie – my right arm behind the scenes, to all the diabetes educators and those we’ve mentored along the way, to founding and existing Board of Directors, with special mention to Michelle Barth and last, but certainly not least, Rosie (aka DJ Charis) who have been there since day 1. I could not have done this without your unwavering support. Our lives have changed forever. My hope is that Dance Out Diabetes touched your life and added positivity and inspiration.

Diabetes Catalysts

If you would like to stay connected, Theresa is opening a virtual private practice. She has organized and will lead a team of expert certified diabetes educators in providing diabetes education and weight management (you probably have already met some of them, like Michelle Barth and others!). This will be done over the phone, by Skype, email and text – whichever methods you prefer, at times that fit into your schedule. Diabetes is not convenient, and sometimes you don’t want to interrupt your work or life schedule to navigate across town to a program. Select evenings and weekend appointments will be offered.

Check out www.diabetescatalysts.com to learn more. Our mission is: Customizing Solutions for Well-Being. For the DOD family, Theresa will offer 25% off through June 2016. Just tell her your participant ID to qualify.

Additionally, Theresa will put together a newsletter at some point and invite DOD family to opt in or out.
If you’d like to stay in touch with her social media musings, check out Theresa’s professional pages:

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