Tarantella with Alessandra Belloni! Saturday, 9/12/15, 1-3 p.m.

by Kenzie on August 9, 2015

 Join us for our final dance, Tarantella, with Alessandra Belloni!In this dance featuring Southern Italian folk dances and rituals participants will learn chants used to invoke the healing power of the sun and moon, as well as a repertoire of therapeutic dances, accompanied by the beat of Frame drums and tambourines.Participants will get a FREE $277 value health check-up at the beginning of the event. This includes blood pressure, weight, A1C test (3-month glucose average), glucose and access to certified diabetes educators.

Where: The African American Art & Culture Complex (762 Fulton Street, SF, CA 94102). Free parking.

Contact: Theresa at 877-765-4386 or tgarnero@danceoutdiabetes.org

More about Alessandra’s Tarantella Class:

Alessandra presents these unique dance movements, which trace their roots from Southern Italy back to ancient Greece, with connections to Iran, Egypt and Andalusia, as well as to the traditions of the Gypsies who traveled from Rajasthan through North Africa, Morocco and Spain to Sicily and Calabria.

Representing an unbroken chain of inspiration from pre-Christian times to the present these dance movements embody and culminate the different dance traditions, which we know today as Flamenco, Belly Dance and Tribal Dance. Participants should prepare to be enraptured by these exciting and healing dances. If possible, participants should wear white clothes to help facilitate the feeling of being part of a “ritual.”

TARANTELLA DE’ 600 – This is a Renaissance folk dance which is done in pairs which is very popular in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. It contains both fast, energetic steps and combined arm and leg movements, which improve coordination. This invigorating dance had been called by Alessandra’s students ‘Italian Aerobics”.

Tarantella alla Montemaranese, a carnival dance from Montemarano (Naples) played on the smaller tambourines with a very unusual syncopation on the 6/8. This rite of Carnival dates back to the Roman celebrations in honor Bacchus, the god of wine.


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