DOD Welcomes New Board of Director, Julisa Nunez

by Kenzie on March 4, 2014

Julisa has been involved with Dance Out Diabetes since she began volunteering in 2010. As a native Californian, born and raised on a ranch; Julisa quickly developed a love and passion for great quality organic food and where it comes from.

Julisa holds a BS in Psychology and has been a Health and Nutrition Specialist at Children’s Council of San Francisco for the past six years. As part of the Nutrition team, she is the project manager for community health fairs, garden projects, healthy cooking classes and classes on the importance of being physically active. Julisa strongly believes that in order to make a change in any community, you have to understand those that you are trying to reach and their individual needs- with those two key factors, everything else just falls into place.

Outside of work, you can find Julisa doing things she loves and enjoys: volunteering, cooking, running, hiking, and enjoying all the great foods that San Francisco has to offer.

Welcome to the Dance Out Diabetes Board of Directors, Julisa!

JulisaNunez DOD

Click Here to view the Board of Directors page.

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