24 Meters Failed to Meet Accuracy Standards

by Kenzie on August 8, 2013

The recent failure of a large number of blood glucose meters to consistently meet accuracy standards has created growing concern as inaccurate results could pose risk for hypoglycemia for insulin-using patients. This prompted a new global accuracy standard from the International Organization for Standardization (or ISO 15197:2013). Three recent peer-reviewed studies reveal that not all meters are consistently meeting this global accuracy standard.

Dance Out Diabetes sponsor, Roche, has been going the extra mile to adhere to the new global accuracy standards; every ACCU-CHEK meter passed every study, every time. More than half of the other brand meters tested in the recent studies FAILED. For more information about the standards and the 24 blood glucose meters that failed in the 3 recent accuracy studies, visit accu-chek.com/accurate.

Footnote on the details:

Three studies evaluated meters using the global standard of ≥95% of individual glucose results shall fall within ±15 mg/dL of the results of the manufacturer’s reference method at glucose concentrations < 100 mg/dL and within ±15% at ≥100 mg/dL.  Studies included:  Freckman G, et al.  J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2012; 6(5); 1060-1075.; Baumstark A, et al J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2012; 6(5): 1076-1086.; Brazg RL, et al. J Diabetes Sci Techol. 2013;7(1):  144-152.  Studies funded by grants from Roche Diagnostics.

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