Program Description

Dance Out Diabetes has made a difference in hundreds of lives. Due to a lack of funding, the organization has no future dances planned after the September 12, 2015 Tarantella dance and is in an inactive state. Read below to see what our program entailed.

Dance Out Diabetes was a fun dance community made up of all ages, abilities, people with and without diabetes, friends, families, volunteers, and certified diabetes educators. Regular dance programs included ongoing health screenings, a 45-minute dance lesson, and different genres of music. Participants had an opportunity to socialize with peers facing similar challenges in a relaxed and informal setting.

Dance Out Diabetes increased access to health care. Thanks to generous sponsors and donors, we offered opportunities to meet with on-site Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) who checked key health markers and answered questions about diabetes prevention and self-management. This health screening included blood pressure, blood sugar (glucose) levels before and after the dance and estimated glucose average or A1C (the three-month glucose average or weighted mean). Dance Out Diabetes provided personalized feedback to those who attended regularly.

CDEs provided a hypo-rescue area for anyone who experienced low blood sugar (glucose).

For ongoing support, Dance Out Diabetes offered several resources such as

Program Benefits

  • An interactive community
  • Diabetes in Real Life series
  • Prevented diabetes for at-risk individuals
  • Helped manage diabetes for those who have it
  • Regular dance events for the non-dancer in a supportive environment
  • A variety of music genres and dance styles
  • Light dance instruction and free-dance venues
  • Newsletters
  • Nutrition and weight management tips
  • Professional and personalized diabetes feedback by monitoring key health markers over time such as glucose, A1C, blood pressure, and weight
  • On-site certified diabetes educators to answer questions and assist with low blood glucose