Dance Out Diabetes has made a difference in hundreds of lives. Due to lack of funding, the organization is currently in an inactive state. Read below about our initiatives.

Mission: To prevent and manage diabetes through dance, education, support and increased access to care.

Vision Statement: To partner with like-minded organizations associated with diabetes and dance to promote a healthier community through dance.


  1. To create and provide an easily accessible dance studio for participants to regularly exercise through free-form dance and dance instruction.
  2. To offer different genres of music to provide a wide appeal to existing and potential participants.
  3. To offer diabetes self care information through the dance studio, on its website and in newsletters.
  4. To encourage those who are at risk for diabetes, or people who have pre-diabetes or diabetes to join Dance Out Diabetes. (Visit www.danceoutdiabetes.org/know-your-risks to learn more about diabetes risk factors.)
  5. To provide a social media forum to connect with participants.
  6. To prevent and educate participants on low blood glucose and exercise injuries during dance events.
  7. To provide an on-site treatment area for anyone who experiences a low blood glucose or a health concern during an event.
  8. To study the effects of dance on diabetes prevention, management and self-care.


With the problem of diabetes at epidemic proportions, medical professionals and people with diabetes are searching for ways to address a critical yet, missing component of current diabetes prevention and self-care management of diabetes: physical activity.

Dance Out Diabetes was the missing link: an innovative, diabetes-friendly program for dance that includes all ages, types of diabetes, and family and friends.

Founded by renowned diabetes nurse educator and author, Theresa Garnero, the vision of Dance Out Diabetes was to have FUN while managing health through being active with dance and education. The idea occurred to her after she won an iPod Shuffle at an American Association of Diabetes Educators conference. She returned home and loaded her favorite dance tunes and found herself struggling to stop dancing every morning before work. She wondered how she could combine her love of music, dance and the exciting field of diabetes. The seed for Dance Out Diabetes was formed. Then it was a matter of involving the diabetes community and panel of gifted diabetes care professionals to nurture and grow the organization.